360 Degree Video and Commercial Usage

360 degree video can be done in a few different ways, but the most common requires 2 or more wide angle cameras and a special stitching software to allow you to put the images together seamlessly. Currently, the software isn’t perfect, but when you have someone who is good with their equipment, they can make up for where the software lacks.
With that being said, the use of 360 degree video or photograph already has some fantastic use out there and so many more to explore. You’ll find much of the films to involve action sports or wilderness/safari video. Others have used it to create short films. These are great, if the person who is filming is either not around when the action is happening, or the person making the film is IN the film. Still some quirks to workout with these cameras, since you can’t truly hide in the film.

For commercial usage, you might see one or two uses, but nothing to the wider extent than is possible. In the future, I will bet you’ll find a few different businesses using 360 degree video for their work. A Short list would include, but no limited to:

  • Crossfit, yoga, and other sporting facilities
  • Real estate and commercial properties
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Office training videos
  • Civil service (Fire, EMS, police, etc) training
  • Events/shows

The list is endless, but when you think about all the possibilities that can be used for filming all around a scene, you get a new view on things. Imagine, promoting your yoga studio by simply showing what a normal class size is, how the instructors interact with the students. Same thing can be said for CrossFit or other sporting facilities.
Imagine presenting a 360 degree tour to your customers of the property you are trying to sell them, opening their eyes to the entire house. They’d probably ask to see fewer houses and would fall in love with it before they even talk to you about it.
For firefighters, showing them how a team moves through a housefire is key and though hands on training is best, newbies still might not know what that means. EMS scene safety videos for training might help.
Imagine now a concert, an equestrian show, or any other kind of event, making the views feel like there are there. Whether you are doing this live or promotion for the next event to come to an area. What must it feel like to be in that crowd? How amazing would it be to stand on stage with the artist or out in the field with the athletes?
Here is only the tip of the iceberg for creation of 360 video and the more you think about it, the more you will find to be true with it. Comment what you’ve experienced with 360 video or what you’d love to see in the future.


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