Why Your Photos/Video Matter To Sell

Whether you are a big name brand or a local shop making some simple object, the photos that you present to you consumers will ultimately affect the outcome of the purchase. Research has shown that a high resolution website with professional looking images will make customer feel the product or service is more reliable. Design imbues confidence in the consumer.

Imagine what you are selling. Think off all the ways your service or product/s will help the people you are selling to. Now how do you want to show this to the consumers you are trying to reach and how you would feel if you saw if for the first time.

Are the images you show portray what you want your public to see? If you looked online and found your site (whether a webpage or social media page), would you stay there long and look through the photos? Will they convey a story to your clients of  you and what you are selling?

Sometimes having a professional come in to beef up those images might help sell more of what you got. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you might want to think about at least reviewing your images and maybe how they might better show off how awesome your product is.

For those who have some good images on there site, remember that it doesn’t stop there. We should always strive to make our business more than a simple shop. Those “mom & pop shops” had history behind them and that is what drove america and still does. You need to give your public a story and make people continue to flock to you for this as well as how amazing your products and services are.

An example of this is a job I did recently. I was hired to photograph the interior and exterior of an old multi-office complex that was put up for sale. The thing is, it just won’t sell. I looked it up online and saw the previous images and material. It had one good image of the front entrance, years ago. Then there were a few images of interior that made the place look dark and unpleasant.

As you can see, these properly portray the location that is for sale, but the do not do justice to the property and lack any kind of appeal to a consumer.

These are the updated images I photographed during my time. I accentuated the grand entrance and lobby with how bright it is during the day. Then I showed the floor pattern of one of the offices available for rent. For this project, I also decided to put together a 360 degree video for them to show on an auction website, where it is currently being bid on.

For real estate, a few professional images might do the trick to bring in some clients to some basic homes and help the realize that it was their dream home all along. A 360 video might make them fall in love before they even drive up the property.

For everyone else, A few photos of you and your product or services might brighten up the mood for your sales. If you’re selling kayaks, just a shot of the after might be good, but maybe a few you and the pre-production might make the consumer feel more attached to you and your products. This might be the difference between your kayak and the one the you get somewhere else.

If you one a yoga shop, maybe some photo and video of a class might show your customers how fun and relaxing it can be. Maybe you show them they won’t be alone in the learning experience or that the classes are small for their comfort.

The major points to remember for you are:

  • Your images and videos are key to drawing in customers
  • Tell a story with you visuals
  • You want people to see your product/service the way you see them



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