This or That: Which will they choose?

I was shopping online for a jacket the other day, which is a simple task you would think. After a few hours or searching, I was stuck between two different jackets that met the specs I needed it for. They came from two different online stores and brands. Pricing was about the same and specs almost the alike. It came down to which one looked better.

The hard thing about selling products online is how you present them visually. Whether it is a few simple images or a video, it will impact how people see your product. If you have one image that says it all, that’s fantastic, but most times it takes a few images and some good details to sell a product; this includes if the product comes in multiple colors.

Product A on the website had 3 images of the jacket. It was just the jacket on a flat white backdrop. First image was the front, showing the way it’d look. The second image was of the inside lining and the third of one of the special features of the jacket. It was simple but impressive.

Product B though took it a step further. The jacket had images the same way and then they tested it outside in the environment, not only showing the look of it, but how it would look when you wore it out and about. Needless to say, I picked product B.

Both jackets were great and I later saw the other at a sporting store locally. I would have been just as happy with it as I am mine now. The thing is, how product B presented itself made it stand out as the better of the two.

We all must make these kinds of buying choice sometimes; this or that. How we choose is how it makes us feel or think about the product on hand.  Product A would have made me just as happy, but how Product B presented itself really shone.

Question: Do you think the way you show your product is help or hindering your sales? How do you think you could improve this?


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